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All our products are absolutely free.
But if you like our project and interested in regular updates and new releases, support us.
Make donation using PayPal or E-Gold
. Any amount that you donate will be greatly appreciated.
We really need your help.

It is strongly recomended that you get the permission of the shard's administration before using any of this software.

22.03.2003 - First of all I want to thank Mr. A.McNamara. He is the first who made donation to us.
Humble donation of $4 was most appreciated. It is nice to know that people care about the fate of our project. I have updated the Dragon Desktop by his request.
I would also like to send my personal thanks to the Oskom - Ultima Online shard for the outstanding hosting. It has been a little over a year since we moved to :)

And now the new release! :)
Dragon Desktop 1.2 is now compatible with Ultima Online:AoS.
Options menu and other menus that were left untouched in the previous version now have new graphics.
The main archive of the new version consists of 293 gumps instead of 114 of the old version!
And as a bonus - Weapons & Armour Pack 4: Dragon Slayer
Download and have fun! :)

29.10.2003 - Weapons & Armour pack - 3: White Knight
New collection of weapons and armours from our blacksmiths! :)
Visit our
 W&A Packs page for details.

18.10.2003 - New Dwarf Desktop 1.2 - UO:AoS compatible!
This time I have made many updates for the Dwarf Desktop: map-window, 'Jornal' and 'Skills' windows (a separate patch) and some other gumps, which are not present in the previous version.
Dwarf Desktop is the first desktop completely compatible with Ultima Online: Age of Shadows.
'Jornal' and 'Skills' windows for UO:AoS are also available in a separate patch.

Check out new screenshots and download the Dwarf Deskop 1.2 here!

In future I want to make all desktops compatible with UO:AoS. Read the news!

03.07.2003 - Just another desktop. :) I called it - Arcadium Desktop. Don't ask me why... :) I hope you'll like it!

22.05.2003 - Check out a new section of our site - Programs. There you will find some programs for editing .mul-files.

21.05.2003 - Now we have a Forum. :) Thanks to GerAxe again!

18.03.2003 - We moved to :) Many thanks to Oskom-Shard for hosting. And special thanks to GerAxe for help. :)

10.03.2003 - Hmm...I think that Magic Books from the new addon for UO (AoS) look good. ;) Now you can use one of them instead of your standard Spellbook. (Spellbooks)
    I have made a fix for the Dragon Desktop. The Guildstone's Menu is created in Dragon Desktop style.
And It is easier than before to read what is written in this menu. (Dragon Desktop)

01.03.2003 - I have made 2 new patches:
    Rainbow Scrolls (The scrolls of each magic circle have a different colours.)
    Scrolls.ico (Some scrolls have a specific symbols(see the screenshot). You can easy find them in a pile of others.)
Check out the screenshots and download the patches here

24.02.2003 - Here is the english version of my site. :) Some pages are not completely finished, but you will find all installation notes and descriptions of our products.

    Dragon Desktop is out. Check out the screenshots and download the new Desktop here

    Azzazzin has made a new version of Verdata-Patcher. If you can't install patches with a standard patcher, you should download VerdataPatcherNEW from the Other Files

    If you don't like the backpack from one of the desktops (Bitmap on a Paperdoll), you can download the standard version (Other Files).

10.02.2003 - Just for fun... This patch will change the animation of a Llama to the one of a Beetle from LBR. Download this patch If your shard doesn't support LBR and you still want to know how it feels to ride the Giant Beetle (Other Files)




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Special thanks to Oskom-Shard and Marauder for hosting my files

Copyright 2002-2003 Nikosha
All trade marks, product names and company names are the property of their respective owners.

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